Royal Diamond designs and markets an insulation system for the thermal dissipation of electric charges.

In recent years, due to the awareness of global environmental recovery and the strong policies being implemented by different governments, the traditional vehicle as we understand it today is giving way to the electric vehicle. It is clear that the electric vehicle market has finally taken off with a bang worldwide and this represents a real technological revolution.

According to recent studies, sales of electric vehicles have increased by 192% compared to last year. When we talk about electric vehicles, we are not only talking about electric cars, but also about electric motor bikes, electric bicycles, scooters, buses, etc. This is due to the fact that consumer tastes and preferences are changing and that environmental preservation policies have become more radical and are expected to become even more so.

If we talk about the electric car, electric and hybrid vehicles represent 5% of the global volume of light vehicle sales, which has quadrupled in 4 years and is estimated to reach 40% by 2030.

Car manufacturers have committed to significantly increase their investment in the development of electric vehicles.

The chargers used for this type of electric vehicles are ‘wall chargers’ or ‘wallbox chargers’ and are installed in any private garage, single-family house, communal garage, or company car park.

One of the problems that manufacturers of electric chargers are facing today in the most delicate part of the device, is to achieve a better thermal dissipation to avoid one of the main problems of this type of devices, which is overheating.

Now there is a solution for this problem. Royal Diamond is a company that designs, formulates and manufactures resins, varnishes and flexible laminates for electrical insulation of motor, transformer and electronic components with more than 60 years in the market. After a detailed and careful study of how to solve the main problem faced by these companies, they have launched a system of products under its brand Diapol®. They designed, formulated and manufactured a system that requires customised characteristics to the specific needs of the product, such as: high dielectric capacity, stability of the result in drastic environmental changes, unfavourable environmental situations, customization to the times required during the production route in the manufacturing lines of the chargers, etc.

Royal Diamond works together with their customers to customize every single one of their systems.