Flexible Laminates

We manufacture Flexible Laminates for electrical insulation needs and to increase Thermal Conductivity level in your equipment.

In our Flexible Laminates portfolio you can find laminates in Thermal Class B, F and H. We laminate PET Film in Presspan, Non-Woven, Aramide and TufQuin based and we imprégnate in B-Stage and C-Stage. All of them are available in master roll, slitted rolls, slot wedge, Pre-formed and Moulded slot pieces.

Our Reinforcement Grid impregnated and 100% Epoxy polymerized is specially developed for Dry Type Trafo Market.

Motors Laminates

Transformers Laminates


Windings that are subject to high mechanical, dielectric and thermal resistance demands.
Thermal Class H

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Electronics Devices Laminates