Diapol® Polyurethane resin perfectly designed for potting in Electronics Market


Nowadays, we are sorrounded by infinity of electronic devices that use polyurethane resin for protecting and insulating electronically to guarantee perfect operation.
The manufacturers of these kind of electronic devices ensure that polyurethane resin are perfect for casting their devices against adverse environment (humidity, dust and heat) and protect about possible vibrations.

Royal Diamond is formulating, designing and manufacturing this kind of resin under the brand Diapol® to satisfy electrical insulation needs in Electronics Market for more than 40 years. Our Technical Department investigates and develops to achieve our resins Diapol® have excellent technical properties.

In polyurethane based resins we point out 4 major aspects:

1. Customized solution:

During the polymerization process, the resin will be react to a jelly appearance that it will harden becoming a product flexible, semi-flexible or rigid depending on what type of Diapol® is targeted.

2. Self extinguishing:

Some specific applications demand self extinguishing technical property. In this case Royal Diamond offers a wide range of products accomplishing this property. Self extinguishing is reached thanks to additives flame retardant in chemical formulation perfectly balanced according to specific needs.
Our self extiguising resins, once they are polymerized, reach this technical property to avoid ignition/propagation of flames minimizing the risk of fire.

3. Color range:

As Chemists in Royal Diamond, we are able to formulate our resins Diapol® in any color required.

4. Exothermic level:

During the polymerization process exists an exothermic reaction in different intensity generating an increase of temperature inside the electronic device. Diapol® resins are low exothermic level resins guaranteeing low levels of temperature. Being closely to our clients we can design and formulate to create great projects together.