Royal Diamond, chemical company manufacturing and developing resins, varnishes and flexible laminates for Motor, Trafo and Electronics market launches its new corporate image after more than 55 years in Electrical Insulation Market.

As its Managing Director, Mr. Victor Miro, the new corporate image is part of a series of changes both internally and externally to adapt the company to the new times. Mr. Miro says that all this changes would not have been possible without all the people who at some time have ben part of this family company. There is no doubt they are the engine of our success.
Thanks to this new image, the company has passed from a traditional logo which was designed in its beginnings to a new logo keeping the essential elements of the company like corporate colors; blue, yellow and white. The rhomboid shape is maintained although the edges are not closed to give sensation of movement transmitting its personality of a dynamic company. Regarding  typography, this is sober, straight and proper to a tehcnical and industrial company. The logo is accompanied by the written claim “your insulation partner” with letter “handwriting” to transmit the values of the company as customized service, customer proximity and family tradition.

Definitely, the stability between the movement of the rhombus, the robustness of the name and the personality of the claim offers us a balance between sobriety, quality, movement, modernity and personality of the company.
The new image will gain prominence to the current one according to a planned strategy to facilitate a comfortable transition between the current and the future one.
Watch video about the new corporate image of Royal Diamond.

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