We develop customized solutions for electrical insulation systems

We are manufacturers of resins, varnishes and flexible laminates for different sectors: Electric Motors, Transformers and Electronic Devices

Electrical insulation for motor

Electrical insulation for:

electrical insulation for transformer

Electrical insulation for:

Electrical insulation for electronics, small composition

Electrical insulation for:

Our target is to be your best partner for your electrical insulation needs


More than 60 years dedicated to electrical insulation in differents industrials sectors. A perfect combination of values, experience and know-how makes us your best partner for electrical insulation.

We approach the market as Electrical Insulation System offering Varnishes, Resins and Flexible Laminates according to your exact electrical insulation needs and developing individually for each Customer as customized solution.

Our team is 50 people all engaged to the Company Values as the essential engine for the business.

The Quality is manadatory in our day by day and the Company has a Quality System under the ISO 9001:2015 following the procedures as integrated system in our Industrial and Commercial activity.

60 years of experience endorse us as your best partner to analyze your need and develop fastly and efficiently your costomized solution.

What makes us diferent

Insulation System

We understand electrical insulation as an integrated system. Accordingly we offer varnishes, resins, flexible laminates and complementary products to satisfy your electrical insulation needs.


We are close to our customer to design their customized solution according to exact application needs.

Global Reach

We have established a network of distributors with national and international reach offering excellence in service.

We have two production plants strategically located offering the excellence of our global service.


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