ROYAL DIAMOND MÉXICO, empresa dedicada a la fabricación y venta de productos dieléctricos para motores, transformadores y componentes eléctricos: aislantes flexibles, barnices, resinas de impregnación, masas de colada epoxi y poliuretano, busca la excelencia de sus productos, basado en los requisitos de la Norma ISO 9001:2015, el cumplimiento de los objetivos de la Calidad y los más de 50 años de existencia de la marca. ROYAL DIAMOND MÉXICO enfoca el Sistema de la Calidad como una manera de organizar el funcionamiento de la empresa cumpliendo con los requisitos aplicables y enfocados a la mejora continua del Sistema.


It is a quality policy at S.E.G. ROYAL DIAMOND, S.A. to provide products and services that satisfy the initial and subsequent needs and expectations of our customers. This is achieved by the manufacture of varnishes and resins for electrical insulation under the name ROYALAC, DIAPOL, ROYAPOX, and laminated electrical insulators, under the name TERCOTT, TRIPLEX, TUFQUIN, AFA, ROYAGRID, products of the highest quality in the electrical and electrotechnical industry.

It is our goal to satisfy the needs of our current customers, as well as atracting future clients from new markets in the same way. 

Our company looksfor the excellence of our products, based on the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard and the fulfillment of the Quality objectives.

All this is achieved through the individual and team involvement of the entire workforce, acquiring a commitment to continuous improvement.

The General Managerof S.E.G. ROYAL DIAMOND, S.A, acquires the commitment to ensure that the Quality Policy is established, known, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization. The means to communicate it to the organization and interested parties are the following:

  • Informative meetings with all staff
  • Information panels for the organization
  • The Quality Manual
  • On our website

Due to the exceptional situation that we have been suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic since march 2020, Royal Diamond has continued to fulfill its commitments to its customers as essential suppliers, contributing its versatility and professionalism to contribute to the manufacture of medical equipment in the energy transformation. With this, given the difficulty, we have contributed in our way to help with this great health problem. We have achieved this with the participation of all Royal Diamond personnel and preserving the health of all our employees with internal sanitary measures. Also the General Management of Royal Diamond, as well as all Royal Diamond employees, are concerned about the events that have occurred due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. The impact it can produce at a human and strategic level and the problems and consequences that will affect us in the future.

CEO S.E.G. Royal Diamond

Dosrius / April 2022