It is quality policy S.E.G. ROYAL DIAMOND, S.A. supplying products and services of quality which satisfy the initial and subsequent requirements and expectations of our customers.

Through the maufacturing of varnishes and resins called ROYALAC, DIAPOL, ROYAPOX, and insulation flexible laminates called TERCOTT, TRIPLEX, TUFQUIN, ROYAGRID, products with the highest quality for electrical insulation industry. 

Our intention is satisfying  the requirements of our current customers and get attract the future customers from new markets. 

Our company works to find the excellence of our productsin accordace with the ISO9001:2015 requirements and  the compliance of quality goals.

All this is achieved through individual and teamwork implication of all staff making a continuous improvement commitment.

S.E.G. ROYAL DIAMOND, S.A. Managing Director makes the commitment to assure that the quality policy is established, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the company. The means to communicate of this quality policy to all the staff are the following:

– Meetings to sensitize all staff

– Diffusion of the quality policy through: 

  • Informative panels in the company
  • Quality manual 
  • Our official website

CEO S.E.G. Royal Diamond

Dosrius / Abril 2020